Smoke Alarm Safety Check

Smoke alarm servicing and compliance assurance

Your legal requirements as per State and Federal Smoke Alarm Legislation: in all states of Australia it is the legal responsibility of all property owners and residential rental providers to install, manage and maintain working smoke alarms.

Smoke Alarm Check

We provide an all-inclusive service to ensure compliance, including:

  • Comprehensive smoke alarm testing, servicing, and replacement when required (smoke alarms have a life-span of 10 years) 
  • Comprehensive smoke alarm compliance report to prove you have met your legal requirements as a residential rental provider 
  • Free replacement of battery smoke alarms that expire or become faulty
  • Free call out for hardwired alarm replacements
  • Unlimited number of visits to each property within a 12 month period and smoke alarms serviced per property
  • Rapid response for urgent jobs knowing your property and tenants are protected with us


Smoke Alarm Safety Services

Annual maintenance, compliance assessment and battery replacement. Replacement of alarm units when required.


+GST per annum

You can also consider the below package!

VIC Safety Check Compliance Package

Annual recurring service fee.
 prices + GST

$320 / year

(top up fee waive for customer who joint in 2021)

Electrical Safety Check

Incl. All Electrical Appliance, every 2 years

Gas Safety Check

Gas Appliance X 1, every 2 years

Smoke Alarm Safety

Incl. All Smoke Alarms, every year