Blinds Safety Check

Get the protection you need with our corded blinds safety service

Annual safety checks of all blinds and window coverings keep occupants safe from the dangers of strangulation and ensure landlords and property managers are fulfilling their obligations.

Servicing is carried out by one of our trained technicians using our advanced technology to ensure that they complete the service in strict accordance with the Australian Standards and relevant state-based legislation.

Electrical Safety

Safety & compliance check

The service will ensure that all blinds, window coverings and fittings are correctly secured and labelled in accordance with all relevant legislation.




Blinds Safety Service

A corded blinds safety & compliance service provided as an add-on to the annual smoke alarm service for:


+GST every year

You can also consider the below package!

VIC Safety Check Compliance Package

Annual recurring service fee.
 prices + GST

$320 / year

(top up fee waive for customer who joint in 2021)

Electrical Safety Check

Incl. All Electrical Appliance, every 2 years

Gas Safety Check

Gas Appliance X 1, every 2 years

Smoke Alarm Safety

Incl. All Smoke Alarms, every year